Marketing Dashboard Tip: Drilling Into Your Marketing Campaign Data

You have all your data sources plugged in, you’ve built pretty digital marketing dashboards, but what about good ole fashioned deep diving into your campaign data? There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty and going 2 or 3 levels deep into your data, Inception-style. But how do you do it in TapAnaltyics?

First, under Services, locate the service you’re diving into (Google Adwords in this example). Then select the campaign and click on the chart icon.

tapanalytics drilling into your maketing dashboard data


Now you’re seeing metrics directly from the campaign. You can toggle metrics on/off by clicking on them.

tapanalytics deep dive your marketing data with line graphs


You can also zoom in by clicking and dragging a box the particular data you’d like to see closer.

Adwords marketing data comparing impressions clicks and CTR on a line graph


There you have it! It’s THAT easy to go from a 30,000 foot view to a street-level view of your data right in your marketing dashboard. Enjoy.