Marketing Campaign Reporting Software: Get Your Business Covered

It is not a secret that businesses want to show off what they have. Everyone is proud to let others see what they have achieved. And when it comes to your customers, you want them to see you in the best light at all times.

This will heavily depend on the quality of your marketing campaign reporting software. Most of your customer interactions take place online today. The social media, your website, your web pages, email communication…there is hardly anything you do not do over the internet today.

This is perhaps the reason TapClicks is so keen on the marketing campaign reporting software integrations they provide to businesses. These tools make all the difference.

Marketing campaign reporting software make reporting and the process of information gathering an easier task to complete. You may be wondering how so.

TapClicks marketing campaign reporting software allow you a simplified access to information regarding what your competition are up to. This can be a great guide to your online marketing strategy.

Such a versatile dashboard software saves you time and money. You enjoy intuitive reporting capabilities and obtain information within a much reduced period.

You need a solution to all of the frustration that comes with marketing. And today, you have all the reasons to enjoy ease of task management, TapClicks provides you a variety of options to choose from.

Most of these tools have capabilities that will enable you to have actionable information on how your marketing channels are performing at different points.

Even more, the toolset will allow you to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your entire digital marketing system. Bonus: you can automatically assess your Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Return on Investment (ROI) and Conversion Rate.

Useful marketing campaign reporting software

Most successful internet marketing gurus owe their accomplishments to their right choice of marketing campaign reporting software. Let’s look at some.


One crucial element in marketing is feedback. It would be pointless to make efforts whose value you cannot assess. Usersnap is all you need to solve that concern. It is the tool you need to stay aware of your client’s feelings and opinions regarding your services or products.

The information gathered through Usersnap will help you with bug reporting as a crucial component in marketing online. You will be provided with all the features and tools you need to help your clients report their feedback with a lot of ease. The ease also encourages more feedback, more feedback means you stay better informed.  


This tool could be costly, but the value is worth the price. It is definitely the best tool for analyzing the influence of your keywords and overall marketing on search results. SEMrush is a key piece of software for understanding your paid search results in the holistic system of search rankings. They also offer site analysis for fixing any issues your site might be having effecting search rankings and user experience.


Waterfall is the ultimate answer for boosting your mobile marketing. It provides you with an excellent customer relationship management (CRM) platform on the mobile platform. Users can design and launch potent mobile campaigns using MMS and SMS.

As long as you can make the right choice of tool, you can be certain to enjoy successful internet marketing reporting. You can find out more marketing campaign reporting software products to use over in our integration marketplace. If you have marketing tools you like but need a place to use them to their full potential activate them in a free trial of TapClicks, or we can give you a custom demo. If you are on a hunt for more marketing reporting tools check out 8 Powerful Digital Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Consider Using.