3 Marketing Apps You Should Be Using for Revenue Growth

Most of us love technology because it can make our lives easier. Can’t remember the name of that guy with the hair in that one movie? Look it up on your phone. Want to get your haircut during your lunch break tomorrow? Make an online appointment. Need to get all the data from all your marketing reports in a single place? Connect all the apps.

But what about your actual day-to-day work requirements? Some of us spend half our lives on the phone and searching through data source after data source, and then Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V-ing the data we need from one source to another. Often we spend our time copy-paste-ing our way through our days because this is the way it’s always been done, rather than spending a few minutes now to connect our tools and let them talk to one another.

These 3 software tools have the best of both worlds. They give you access to deep, knowledgeable insights about your marketing campaigns and customers, and they connect your data directly to TapClicks, where you’ll make your reports look amazing. No Ctrl+V needed.


Agendize specializes in appointment booking, reminders, scheduling, and online payments. These tools are equally helpful for sales teams looking to book high-ROI product demos and medical practices that dedicate much of their day to booking, re-scheduling, and charging for appointments.

Use the queueing management tool to free customers from the hassle of waiting in line at your brick and mortar locations. SMS messaging reminds clients of upcoming appointments, can send offers direct to mobile devices, and even provide deep analytic data on customer engagement. Click to call and call tracking features provide quick customer connects from their mobile devices and analytics based on where, when, and how your customers see your ads.

Agendize features connections to several CRM and email marketing choices, including Salesforce and MailChimp, to help you move your appointments to drip campaigns and sales cadences. These connections help your sales and marketing team work together and stay informed throughout the lead-to-sale process.

Silverpop and IBM Digital Marketing Cloud

Silverpop’s comprehensive digital marketing platform recently integrated into the IBM Watson Digital Marketing Cloud, and this enterprise-level platform does it all. Handle all parts of your digital marketing, lead generation, and email campaigns from a single interface. The integrated nature of the tool gives your team understanding as to how your campaigns reach customers and move them down the funnel.

The Digital Marketing Cloud’s advanced mobile technology gives you insight into customer mobile behavior and engagement, and even taps into 3rd party devices like the Apple Watch. Push notifications and SMS messaging are included, and complement the robust email marketing segmentation that tracks online and offline behavior.

Centro DSP

Centro Demand Side Platform (DSP) is designed for both advertisers and publishers to reach customers across digital channels. Advanced targeting for programmatic advertising gives companies pinpoint access to customers where they consume content, and real-time reporting shows how your dollars work for you. The real-time data gives you total control over the timing, availability, and bidding for your channels, so you can react to market changes as they happen.

Centro DSP caters to enterprise media buyers of all sizes, and features retargeting and local targeting. They also offer a full support team ready and willing to share their expertise to help your company make the most of its programmatic budget. Centro also offers deep data analytics to help you understand, improve, and iterate your media buying strategy.

By connecting any or all of these services to your TapClicks account (some of them are even Instant-on!) you’ll quickly gain valuable data that drives business objectives, and easily move that data to beautiful visualizations. Check out these partners in the TapClicks Connector Marketplace, or contact us today to learn more about connecting your favorite apps.