Marketing Analytics Dashboard is All you Need!

Is my social media trending downward? Are my SEO leads trending upward? And what about my site’s Click Through Rates?

These are typical questions asked by every marketer. They are many, and they are all demanding of an answer. When are you supposed to contract a specialist for your SMM, SEO or CRM? When is it time to do a complete overhaul of a marketing strategy?

Sometimes these questions can be alarming. You have to keep up with data and unfolding details from all your important digital marketing platforms. You have to know how your Google Analytics results are impacting on your business.  You have to keep up on Google AdWords, Facebook, and your 3rd party email provider such as MailChimp. Monitor how you are doing on Twitter, and watch your Search Engine Optimization ranking.

All these are overwhelming. You need help from some technology that’s intended purely for making the whole work easy. All you need is a marketing analytics dashboard.

Basically, a marketing analytics dashboard will pull together all the above mentioned data into one data-rich pool. It will track APIs and display it for you in one marketing dashboard that is easy to use.

There is Value in Marketing Analytics Dashboard

While a marketing dashboard will pull together all these details for you in a single interface, a marketing analytics dashboard will specifically interpret the data. Marketing analytics dashboard will display the data obtained in a way that is both easy to understand and clearly instructive of what needs to be done based.

The analytics dashboard tends to filter this data so that you do not have to sweat yourself up through the process. It provides you with all the critical details of internet marketing analytics that could ever be needed.

This is the place where all analytics from all of your digital marketing channels are brought together. It allows you to compare how your site’s Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing and Paid Search are performing compared with one-another.

The marketing analytics dashboard also allows you to view how your site is performing comprehensively as a whole.

It allows you to easily view conversions or sales, visits and conversion rates for every individual Web marketing channel. Then you can make comparisons through trend graphs over any range of time or date.

What you can do with TapClicks Marketing Analytics Dashboard

  • You can identify which marketing medium is driving the most customers to your website within a particular time stretch
  • You can also view the trend taken by the number of visits your Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO and Paid Search are generating, and compare them to one another. You will see whether there is an upward or a declining trends in each platform.
  • You will be able to analyze conversions or sales from your Social media, Email marketing, SEO and Paid Search over time. This dataset will inform you on which marketing channels are truly having an influence on your bottom-line.

If this is enticing to you try out get a personal demo of our marketing analytics dashboard. Also check out our library of integration over at the TapMarketplace to learn more about all the services that can be connected into our analytics dashboard.