Marketing is the Question, Internet Marketing Dashboard is the Answer!

Marketing is certainly about competition. Just recently internet search traffic was all that marketers needed watch. Speed was king but now marketers need more than speed. It’s about a whole lot of new digital marketing tools. Understanding these is just but a tip of the iceberg. That is where the internet marketing dashboard comes in.

Internet Marketing Dashboard

A topic that once became notable in the 1980s, internet marketing dashboards, may just be the answer to your marketing concerns today.

We perhaps should all agree that a business that does not have a voice and face on the internet does not have a life on today’s internet marketplace. And being on the internet alone is not enough. You need to have a commanding presence. A constant stream of updates on key trends that unfold will guide everything you do. It will help position your business for competitiveness.

Such positioning is only achieved when you have a working marketing toolset. An internet marketing dashboard is that toolset marketers need to perform in internet marketing. It is remotely likened to the dashboard of a motor vehicle, which provides at a glance a view of key parts vehicle parts.

The internet marketing dashboard is quite similar to the motor vehicle dashboard from that angle. It provides at-a-glance insights on performance of key business indicators and relevant marketing initiatives. These include production, supply, sales, raw materials, and human resources.

It allows you to understand your business’ current position relative to other market players. You can then make strategic predictions guided by the data so obtained. Such data is gathered from the multiple marketing tools.

A good is determined by how comprehensive it is. Because then it means you can access all relevant information from one resource. That is precisely what TapClicks internet marketing dashboard does.

TapClicks allows you to access your website traffic, marketing analytics, webmaster tools, ad-words, SEO, and RSS feeds all at a single point. You not only enjoy ease of access, rather, you can compare data and make rich marketing decisions.

Where do You use Your Internet Marketing Dashboard?   

Internet marketing dashboard is essential in many areas. Some of these include:

  • Receiving SEO ranking updates
  • Exporting SEO reports and data
  • Social media data monitoring
  • Full business metrics tracking
  • Keeping clients up to date
  • Google Analytics, Adsense, Webmaster Tools
  • Tracking leads, sales, emails, and finances.

Some of the marketing dashboard tools you should consider in your next online marketing campaign include: Cyfe, Octopost and Smart Insights. These three are highly effective in online campaign monitoring, information processing, client analysis, and revenue mapping. Here are some of the specific details and reasons why you need to consider using them.

  1. Cyfe: It uses website cookies among other technologies to allow you to analyze a visitor’s data. Using this tool allows you to see those opening mails you send and to break their searches to keywords. It is also easy to customize.
  2. Oktopost: This tool allows you to manage social media campaigns. It helps you find out what is driving online traffic your way. It can also enable access to social media influencers; it monitors opinion leaders based on your kind of product. The magic in using this tool is that you see what’s trending and you can capitalize on the same.
  3. Smart Insights: the app helps you create guides, take courses, and make plans. It is the perfect tool to help you optimize an online marketing campaign and review its results. It also serves as a rich source of information on audience targeting, client analysis, and diversity and number of visitors to a competitor’s website plus their benchmark.  

If you already have tools you use to collect data, we have a wide selection of integrations that allow you to easily import your data into the TapClicks platform. You can check out our integrations here at the TapMarketplace and you can sign up for a free trial of TapClicks Here. Marketing is good to improve but retaining clients is another useful task bussiness tend to so read our blog Deliver Customer Delight! Retain Your Clients, Deliver Value to learn more about client retention.