Internet Marketing Dashboard: It’s All About Integrations

Internet Marketing Dashboard What Marketers Need to Know About Integrations.

Internet marketing is perhaps the most important and challenging of all channels for the typical modern marketer.

You need some specific details on your campaign to get a step ahead of your competitors. You have to carefully monitor data from dispersed platforms over the internet. And lastly, you have to use a variety of channels at the same time to get your message out and at the same time.  Undoubtedly, the success of each one of your marketing campaigns is dependent on the feedback you receive and how well you act upon it.

You have to maintain a high quality email marketing system that allows interaction on a timely and personalized base. It has to have targeted and relevant messages. Your customer relations management-CRM is another source of headache. Without good rapport with your customers, you’re doomed to remain at the bottom among your business competitors.

It is through your CRM system that you can capture and track client information including sales data, behavior data and customer preferences centrally in a digital location. This sort of data is of extreme value since it allows you to discover the actual customer needs. Then there is the question of Web analytics. You need reports to guide your marketing decisions. Which means your web analytics reporting tools are extremely crucial to your marketing campaigns?

An internet marketing dashboard that can combine both timely reporting and comprehensive data analysis are preferred. They cut your work by presenting data in an easy to understand interface.

Web analytics programs are offered for instance by TapClicks. These programs help you to not just monitor but also measure traffic on your website all in a single internet marketing dashboard.

Good marketing analytics reporting tools give you more than just the summary of your site’s performance over a particular time. They actually help you interpret the data so presented. You can decipher details of visitor behavior and preferences on your individual or business website if you have an internet marketing dashboard.

Many web analytics are can be accessed for free on the internet, which makes it easy to integrate online marketing analytics reporting tools into a internet marketing dashboard.

Why is This an Interesting Chapter for Internet Marketers?

Strategy guides marketing – strategy is formulated and founded on information. Since marketing strategy cuts across different platforms on the web, you need to be updated with information from all of the relevant platforms at all times. It can be quite cumbersome to keep up manually so you need a technology that can make your access to these sets of data easier.

You simply cannot focus on your success on a particular platform at the expense of another. It is essential to obtain details concerning your performance within the larger context, but the finer aspects are way more useful for specific activities involved in marketing.  Online marketing is increasingly ever more comprehensive. Each piece of information is important as it defines the shape of your next marketing campaign.

Many marketing analytics reporting tools allow you to integrate various elements of email, customer relationship management (CRM) and web analytics in a single package. That’s where TapClicks is making changes. We offer over a 100 native integration with the industry’s powerful tools. Along with new integrations being added every month we also allow for custom data to be add to our platform. In the case we don’t have your go to tools integration you can still get its data into the platform and analyze it with all your other channels. Check it out for free here or get personal demo of the platform here. If you want to look into more marketing integrations check out our integration marketplace and build your own stack.