Indispensable: Google Analytics Reporting Tools

How Indispensable is Google Analytics Reporting Tools?

It takes only a simple checking around to realize just how highly Google analytics reporting tools are regarded. Google analytics has positioned itself as the goto web analytics dashboard. There are great reasons for why a search engine company would built a tool for web site to use.

We use Google analytics reporting tools to gather information on our websites’ performance and to understand how our audiences uses our site. We use Google analytics reporting tool with our own marketing analytics dashboard deliver actionable insight on the health of our own site.


The diehards of Google Analytics virtually cannot do without them. The dashboard interface is one element that makes the tools particularly easy to use. You can get a lot of information at a glance. The dashboard interface allows its users to monitor their SEO campaigns and keep a record of any progress made.

In essence, there are a vast range of reasons why one should consider using the Google analytics reporting tools in their marketing practice. Those who have no plans of jumping into the use of these tools should consider the following.

Simplified Overview of Traffic Sources

You need to know who your viewers and users are and where they come from. You need to understand how  your marketing campaigns are performing . You cannot do any of these without a good reporting tool. Most reporting tools simply replicate data obtained from the Google Analytics reporting tools, which is why you need to understand Google Analytics.

If you want to better your website for SEO purposes or obtain higher conversion you will need to know about your visitors behavioral pattern. In order to get an idea of the behavior of user it’s useful to know what channels users come to your site from. These include a distribution of people who comprise your site’s organic search traffic . These are the people who arrived at your site from searching content by the search engines.

A high volume of organic traffic will indicate that your SEO campaign is performing well. A small number however calls for improvement in SEO campaign efforts.

You also learn about the proportion of direct traffic your website receives. This comprises people who have been directed to your site by typing in your site’s URL. You will also get details of the number of people that have been redirected to your website from other sites after clicking shared links.

Overview of Content

You can visualize the value of your content by monitoring the pages that are most visited along with related details such as the amount of time they spend there. Such data will guide you when you focusing your keywords for the highest conversions around your pages.

Keyword Tracking and Conversion

You achieve effectiveness with the use of keywords when you carefully reevaluate your choice of keywords over time. You can replace the keywords that are not bringing results after identifying them. In addition, your website can be more profitable if you track and enhance its conversions.

We could keep adding to this list but as a busy marketer time is not a luxury you can afford. That’s why at TapClicks we have built a powerful reporting tool so you don’t need to know all about Google Analytics to get its data in your reports. Try out our Free Trial or get a personal demo of our Marketing Operations Platform.