TapClicks University: How To Create Your Own Custom Marketing Dashboard

How To Create Your Own Custom Marketing Dashboard

Custom Marketing Dashboard Creation

Custom dashboards are a great way to create visualization in the form of widgets for the data that you have in the various services throughout your dashboard. This allows you to customize the look of your reports. We will setup your first dashboard. We will add widgets to this dashboard.

Managing Your Custom Dashboards
To create a custom dashboard click on the Manage dashboards button at the top left of the navigation menu.
Add dashboard view and name your dashboard.
Select which Clusters will have access from the drop down menu. Note: this is not required.
Select which Reporting profiles can see this dashboard. Reporting profiles give you full control over the data that is included in dashboards and reports. You can create and customize a reporting profile for a specific user or segment of users, ensuring that the right information is visible to the right audience.
Click Add Dashboard and you’ve created a dashboard!

Now we will create your first widget:
Select the widget type that you would like to use. As an example, I will select a big number widget. Click into the Title field and name your widget. Select the Data source which you would like to populate the widget from the drop down menu. Select the Data view from which you would like to pull metrics. Select as many Metrics as you would like to show from the drop down menu. Click on Create widget and you’re done!

Managing your dashboard:
You can delete dashboards from here or edit it from the top left navigation. You can rearrange the widget order here as well. Finally, you can Export this dashboard as a PDF

With TapClicks it’s quite easy to set up custom marketing dashboard if you’re interested in the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform go check out our video showing you how to create custom widgets and automate marketing reports.