How To Choose The Right Call Tracking Tool For Your Agency

In today’s omnichannel, cross-device, and digital world, marketing analytics has never been more vital, or complex. To gather the right insights, measure effectively, and optimize marketing performance, you need to know exactly how customers move through your marketing funnel, how they engage with your team members, and how your marketing activities influence customer actions. This is true for all marketing avenues including engagement over the phone and call tracking.

As you know, monitoring marketing actions over the phone in a measurable, accurate, and efficient way is impossible without the help of a top-notch call tracking tool.

However, with all the tools on the market, you may be wondering which tool is best for your agency?

Thankfully, there are a lot of great tools on the market and what you end up selecting will depend on the size of your agency, your goals, your call tracking needs, how well the tool integrates with other digital marketing tools, and your preferences.To help you make a better decision, here is a review of the top tools on the market and their top 3 benefits.

Once you have reviewed these top tools to determine which benefits meet your needs, you can delve deeper by visiting the individual website to make a more informed decision.

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Now, let’s review the top call tracking tools.


Telmetrics Logo

If your agency works with a multi-location brand and franchise clients, who have complex attribution requirements, then you’ll want to take advantage of Telmetrics expertise in developing comprehensive measurement and reporting programs that will map consumer actions back to the originating, channel, campaign and keyword level. We want you to be the “ROI hero” in the eyes of your clients!”  -Andrew Osmak, CEO

Tap Marketplace Telmetrics Connector

Telmetrics is a call and text tracking platform that makes it easy for agencies to connect online performance metrics with offline consumer activities.

Outstanding Support

The Telmetrics support team is known for its technical excellence, deep product knowledge, fast response times, helpfulness and friendly approach. They are available 24/7 to answer your questions or solve any problems.

Quality Numbers and Calls

Every number you acquire from Telmetrics is a “clean number”. Further, every call and text passes through a rigorous, multi-layered validation protocol resulting in the highest level of “clean calls and texts” generated by valid leads.

Customizable on Demand

Telmetrics is passionate about helping you generate insights and results that make a difference! From features to integrations, to custom development, you’ll love their flexibility and engineering bench strength that delivers exactly what you need.



CallRail Logo

“CallRail is best built for your agency no matter what size client base you have. Its intuitive interface is easy to setup for start-up marketing agencies brand new to call tracking and powerful enough for established agencies already familiar with call tracking’s benefits. CallRail’s robust feature set includes integrations with Google AdWords, Analytics, and Facebook in addition to call recording, AI-powered conversation intelligence, and advanced call routing. CallRail helps agencies and their clients worldwide with campaign attribution, customer service training, and marketing optimization.” – Jessica Spain, Director of Product Engagement

Tap Marketplace CallRail Connector

CallRail provides call analytics to data-driven marketers so they can improve customer acquisition. It tracks phone calls from marketing campaigns and provides insight into which campaigns are working best. CallRail is also HIPAA compliant.

Qualify conversations with keywords in real-time

CallScribe from CallRail automatically analyzes your conversations to find custom keywords and reveal hot leads, missed opportunities, and other types of callers. Knowing what’s happening during phone calls helps you make marketing touch points more effective and drive better leads.

Visitor & keyword call tracking

The call tracking software can reveal which campaigns, websites, and search keywords are driving phone call conversions. With visitor timelines, you can see your customer’s journey through your website. Call conversion data feeds directly into Google Analytics and even optimizes your AdWords call tracking campaigns so you can track phone calls as conversions.

Dynamic website call tracking

Create one tracking phone number per marketing campaign, and use CallRail’s dynamic number insertion to easily display a campaign-specific tracking phone number to each visitor on your website. With real-time reporting, you can be notified instantly when you receive a call, and see which campaigns deliver the highest ROI.

They also offer static and offline call tracking as an added bonus.


Delacon Logo

“Delacon’s call analytics platform helps leading brands and digital agencies optimize their marketing campaigns and achieve greater ROI by integrating more than 20 platforms across analytics, ad serving, bid optimization, CRM and tag management and reporting. Our speech analytics module uses an artificial intelligence engine to transcribe and analyze all calls to provide a deeper understanding of customer behavior and sentiment once they move from the online to the offline world. Delacon’s experienced team of account managers also works closely with clients to ensure they are getting the maximum value out of its solution. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia Delacon has offices and data centers around the world including New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Japan and a recently opened innovation hub in India.” -Michael Center

Tap Marketplace Delacon Connector

Delacon develops leading telecommunication technology solutions that help businesses stay ahead.

Call tracking

You can confidently allocate those valuable marketing dollars to attract the audience you want to reach. With call tracking, you will gain insights into your customer’s behavior by identifying what leads to a call and what happens on a call.

Agency tracking & analytics

With Delacon’s advanced call tracking solution, your agency will have access to all the data you need to accurately prove the performance of marketing campaigns initiated on your client’s behalf.

Seamless integrations

Delacon’s call tracking solution seamlessly integrates with a range of industry leading marketing platforms that you’re already using. The call data can be analyzed within these platforms to give you meaningful insights based on complete information.


avanser logo

“AVANSER is the ideal solution for businesses who want to go beyond call tracking, and have a tailored solution that provides unparalleled insight into calls whilst giving callers the best experience possible. As we have a wide variety of products along with Call Tracking, it proves to be an ideal choice for the majority of the companies as we customize solutions based on the client requirement or need and not the other way around” Jonathan Tate, Product Manager AVANSER

Tap Marketplace Avanser Connector

Avanser is not only a call tracking specialist and features a suite of business performance tools to give your business greater transparency with your marketing spend, drastically transforming your sales results.

Improve marketing performance

Take greater control of your business with AVANSER’s real-time call tracking solution. Tracking every inbound call will enable you to make better-informed decisions, easily evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing campaigns plus deliver real-time business intelligence on internal systems and processes.

Sales conversions

Pin-point the advertising channel, search engine, keyword and location your calls originate from and capture the recorded conversation every time you receive an inbound sales call. Use Click-To-Connect to encourage potential customers to call, Call Recording to listen in to how the call was handled and Call Outcome to determine the ROI of that call, and more.

Inbound call management

Calls handled by the AVANSER platform can be directed to a single answer point or to any pre-nominated answer points depending on a number of criteria (Complex routing).

There are a number of complex routing methods that AVANSER employs to handle a call. These methods can be used individually or collectively, thus offering a comprehensive suite of rules by which calls can be handled in a flexible and fully customisable manner.



“This solution is best suited for agencies wanting to deliver cross-channel marketing success. Call tracking phone numbers let agencies know exactly how many calls were placed to each target allowing them to focus on avenues that drive results. Callcap digs deep into the call data providing key metrics, custom scoring, and lead qualification. We’re here to help enhance visibility into business conversations.” -TJ Frevert, VP of Product and Technology

Tap Marketplace CallCap Connector

Callcap is a Call Tracking and Monitoring solution for companies looking to improve ROI, marketing effectiveness and staff performance.

Listen to your customers

With recordings available anytime, anywhere, you can really listen to your customers to identify training opportunities, reward employee performance, and know exactly what a customer needs.

Discover what drives marketing success

Online and offline, know exactly which marketing sources drive business and which ones don’t. Track individual print media or track website visitors to phone calls to see how keywords, Adwords, social networks and pages become callers.

Resolve issues & recover customers

With immediate alerts, we give you the information you need to resolve a potential customer’s issues and win back their business. When you show someone you care about their needs you win a customer for life.


Dialoguetech logo

“We often hear that what sets DialogTech apart and makes us the ideal call tracking provider for agencies is our data, the scalability and flexibility of our platform, and our people. The data and actionable insights DialogTech captures on inbound calls are unmatched. From the rich, detailed marketing attribution and caller profile data to the AI-powered analysis of the conversations to the integrations with leading digital marketing tools, DialogTech makes it easy for agencies of all sizes to accurately measure ROI across channels, make the right optimizations to drive more revenue-generating calls to clients, and personalize experiences to help clients convert more of those callers to customers. Our data is HIPAA and HITECH compliant, and our platform easily scales to handle the data and call routing requirements of the world’s biggest brands. Plus DialogTech has a team of experts dedicated to our agency customers, helping them on-board new clients and ensuring they have the data and reports they need to succeed.” -Greg Goodman

Tap Marketplace Dialogtech Connector

DialogTech (formerly Ifbyphone) provides a unique suite of technologies to analyze, control, and personalize voice conversations, so they can acquire, grow, and retain more customers.

Call Attribution

DialogTech provides deep, real-time analytics on calls and conversations from every marketing source to every location, call center, and agent. Businesses use DialogTech to understand how their marketing drives calls and customers and make smarter optimizations to drive revenue.

Call Analytics

DialogTech captures data on callers and enables you to retarget them — and new lookalike audiences — with personalized campaigns across search, Facebook, and display.


Through a unique combination of data, technology, and integrations, DialogTech enables marketers to personalize caller experiences to help businesses acquire and retain more customers.


CallSource’s award-winning solutions have helped businesses track, analyze and improve incoming call performance.

Tap Marketplace CallSource Connector

Call tracking

CallSource provides top-notch call tracking services that go above and beyond. Call Tracking identifies wasted marketing spend so you can reallocate precious dollars to higher-performing ad sources.

Recover missed opportunities

Call Back Alerts, sent on every mishandled inbound lead, include the caller’s number, the call recording and the reason the opportunity was lost. The Alerts give the management team a second chance to set appointments with mishandled prospects.

Telephone performance analysis

CallSource will measure the impacts of training & coaching through a process called Telephone Performance AnalysisSM (TPA).  Expert call analysts zero in on a subset of calls to focus on gaps in telephone skills. Through this in-depth analysis, CallSource grads  each member of your team’s performance and provide advanced ranking metrics, allowing you to identify your all-star performers.


“This solution is totally scalable and includes the ability to quickly add/remove sub-accounts—making it perfect for agencies of all sizes. The platform also offers full white label options, custom billing and pricing tools, and affiliate programs for agency partners. With no annual contracts, it’s never been easier to manage conversations and marketing attribution efforts for your clients.”  -Erika Rollins

Tap Marketplace CallTracking Metrics Connector

CallTrackingMetrics delivers a easy to use call tracking service with the ability to sort incoming call into different action pools and give users the ability to access their phone marketing flow with precision.

High Level Call Tracking

CallTrackingMetrics’ real-time reporting prepares agents for each conversation by providing insights into what campaign led to the call and access to recordings of previous calls, agent notes, and demographic information.

Call data is rolled up into an array of different management reports designed to help managers optimize their call handling. They are all exportable, filterable, and schedulable so managers get the information they need at the right time.

Instant Reporting Alerts with Call Notifications

You can automatically send and receive alerts with the important details from a call, text or form. You choose the cadence that works for your schedule: after each call, daily, weekly, or monthly. Choose exactly what information you want included and who should receive the alerts.

Campaign ROI

The CallTrackingMetrics ROI dashboard provides a snapshot of performance across channels, providing insight on advertising spend versus sales generated. With the ability to forecast how revenue will be impacted if the amount spent on each channel was adjusted, it’s a great tool for financial planning and budgeting conversations.


marchex logo

Marchex is a mobile advertising technology company. The company provides a suite of products and services for businesses that depend on consumer phone calls to drive sales.

Tap Marketplace Marchex Connector

Connect your digital media to customer calls

With Marchex, you can easily see which channels are driving calls to your business—so you can optimize your marketing spend.

Understand what happens on the call

Marchex provides actionable insights that turns callers into customers. WIth analytics, you can learn why sales, marketing, and operations all working as one is the new way to convert more callers to customers. Find out why happy call center agents are more important than ever in driving revenue and boosting the bottom line.

Acquire more of your best customers

Marchex helps you reach back out to prospects that didn’t convert and upsell those that did. Marchex performance-based media maximizes the return on your advertising spend. It helps you buy media that targets high value prospects with a high intent to buy.


twilio logo

Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service company. Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs.

Tap Marketplace Twilio Connector

Cloud powered

Twilio is built in the cloud. The API is always available, continuously upgraded, and auto-scales to meet your needs.

Fully featured out of the box

With Twilio, you can start running straight from deploy and enable your Twilio-powered app to do everything from text to speech, Natural Language Understanding, and more.

Build intelligent communications

Every text and call on Twilio helps fine tune the Super Network, Twilio’s web of carrier connections all over the globe. This data is yours to use via a powerful web API that helps you optimize the quality and cost of your communications.

Wrap Up

And there you have it! Those are the top 10 call tracking and/or sms tools you should be familiar with at your agency. What you end up selecting will depend on your preferences and needs, but each one of the tools listed above will help you track your calls and make better marketing and sales decisions.

For Agency success, equally important to picking the right tools, is reporting your success using these tools to your clients. That is what will help you grow your agency, differentiate your service and save time and effort. Enter TapClicks- the leading partner for over 4000+ Agencies for Marketing Reporting and Advertising Operations.