Google’s Iron Fist – SEO Report Tools & AdWords Dashboards Don’t Mix

And Why We Respect Google’s Terms and Conditions

Why pay for traffic when you can get it for free? This is the question posed by many SEO’s and rightfully so – paid traffic as a lead model is NOT very cost effective…particularly when the allure of free traffic seems so close. But SEO services aren’t free – and it would make sense to measure their effectiveness, right?

This is where the trouble starts – because Google AdWords isn’t very happy when their data is scraped or emulated. Further, it becomes a direct violation of the AdWords terms and conditions:

Scraping Google Search or purchasing scraped Data

You may not scrape Google search result pages or any other Google property, and you may not indirectly obtain scraped Google data from any third party. If you intend to publish a report that includes search data obtained from legitimate non-Google sources, your report must disclose the source of the data and your specific data collection methodologies.

SEO Report Tools, Scraped Data and Your Dashboard

We all want to see the results of our search marketing/SEO efforts. Unlike advertising, it’s a bit more of a challenge to show direct correlation between SEO efforts, clicks, and ultimately conversions/sales (pending your business model). With SEO services as a part of your marketing service mix, it makes sense to integrate into your TapAnalytics dashboard right?

It Does. But We Don’t. And Here is Why.

Google AdWords specifically prohibits this in their terms and conditions. And they enforce this rule in particular. When your search algorithm/result output is your Golden Goose, you do everything you can to protect it. Over the years, Google has come down hard on services that scraped SERP (Search Engine Result Page) data. SEO Ranking tools, after being penalized for using unauthorized data, switched to the WebMaster Tools API for KeyWord data – until recently. In April 2015, Google put the old WebMaster Tools API out to pasture, and the replacement WebMaster Tools API is missing a key component relied upon by so many ranking tools: KeyWord Data.

Without an authorized source for keyword data, users of SEO tools are left with unapproved methods to satisfy this need. By directly integrating and importing this data into your dashboard, we would be in direct violation of the AdWords terms of service and could potentially revoke our ability to provide you, our customers, with your AdWords data.

AdWords API Compliance

Our engineers at TapClicks have worked very hard over the years to build Google API compliance into our TapAnalytics tool. Google actively monitors usage to ensure that we provide you, our customers, the experience and access to information that they intended with the creation of their API.

We pride ourselves in having the most complete portfolio of service integrations in the marketing analytics space. When service changes impact your ability to access data, we continually look for methods to keep you up and running. As with any questions concerning service integrations, new tools, or potential overlap of services, we encourage you to reach out to your account executive or our support staff.