Geo Targeting Widget – How to Add Geo Campaign Reporting in the Dashboard

Widgets are a great tool for building custom dashboards and telling unique stories about your campaign successes. An entirely new option has been added to the widget family with the Geo Chart Data Widget.

This new functionality gives you the opportunity to visually evaluate user activity at the country, state or city level. If you do location based advertising or measure conversions by region, geo campaign reporting is for you! Follow our guide and start setting up your Geo Campaign Reporting widgets right now!

Want to Add a Geo Chart Widget to Your Reporting Dashboard? Here is How!

Starting at the Elite Analytics Dashboard, navigate to your dashboard list and select a reporting dashboard to add the new Geo Data Widget to.

TapAnalytics Digital Dashboard Services Overview

In a reporting dashboard, select the Add New Widget button:

TapAnalytics Add New Widget to a reporting dashboard

In the Widget Type menu, select the Geo Chart option:

TapAnalytics Select Custom Chart Widget Type Menu

Build Your Widget

Similar to the other TapAnalytics Widgets, name your widget, select a data source (Google Analytics in this example), and which region to group your data. Options include Country (World View), Region (State View for US & Canada customers) or by City.

TapAnalytics Build Geo Chart Widget with Metrics

Select your metric and save changes.

Widget Region Options

The key region options can be seen below.


TapAnalytics World Geo Reporting Dashboard Chart Widget

State (US) Region:

TapAnalytics Region Geo Chart Widget of the US

City (US) Region:

TapAnalytics Geo Chart Widget State Level With Bubble Mapping

Roll over the individual bubbles to see your City-level data:

TapAnalytics City Data Inteligent Reporting Chart

This increased widget functionality will provide a new opportunity to better showcase the effectiveness of your geo targeted marketing campaigns. Combined with our substantial list of data integrations and Import Wizard, TapAnalytics makes displaying geo targeted marketing data available alongside all your service data within the reporting dashboard.