Funnel Widget – How to Add Marketing Funnel Widgets in the Dashboard

Widgets are the easy, yet powerful way to add data visualization to your month-end client reports.

Another new option has been added to the widget family: the Funnel widget. This new widget, available in the 5.9 release, allows you to pull in metrics and display them in the familiar and easy-to-understand “Funnel” layout. If you’re running any campaign for a client, you’ll instantly want to add the Funnel Widget. Here’s how it works.

Want to Add a Marketing Funnel Widget to Your Dashboard? Here is How!

Starting at the Elite Analytics Dashboard, navigate to your dashboard list and select the dashboard to add the new Funnel Widget to.

TapAnalytics digital services dashboard


From the dashboard, select the Add New Widget button:

TapAnaltyics 5.9 Marketing Dashboard Add a New Widget


In the widget type menu, select the Funnel Chart option:

TapAnaltyics 5.9 Marketing Reporting Funnel Widget

Build Your Funnel Widget:

Similar to the other TapAnalytics Widgets, name your widget, select a data source (Google Analytics in this example), and which metrics you want to show in your Funnel. You need to select your metrics in descending order. This order is very important – select your metrics in the order (top down) you want them to display in your Funnel.

TapAnaltyics 5.9 Digital Marketing Funnel Metrics to Build Your Widget


Select your metrics and save changes.

TapAnaltyics 5.9 Marketing Reporting Dashboard Funnel Tool

Voila!!! This new widget will enhance your client reports, giving you easy-to-understand way to show the effectiveness of any campaign. Combine this with the ability to import any piece of data, using our Data Import Wizard, and you now truly have more tools in your marketing utility belt than ever – let the data story telling begin!