Four Necessary (and Free) Marketing Tools for Small Business Success

We get it – you’re busy and short on time. Managing day-to-day operations, talking to customers, growing your business through digital marketing and ‘getting the word out’. But what does that really mean? Is your new website getting found by buyers on Google? You signed up for some advertising…is it working? That writer that you hired from Outsource – was there any value to those ‘articles’ they wrote?

Digital marketing analytics tools are increasingly becoming a must-have for small businesses – but tools can be a time drain if they don’t provide any actionable insight. Like anything in business, you get out what you put in, and the following four free marketing tools will get you moving in the right direction.

1. Google Analytics

Do you have a website? Do people find it? What were they searching for when they found you? What do they do when they get there? These are a few of the many questions that the arguably most popular analytics tool, Google Analytics, can help you answer. It is robust yet simple and generates precise statistics about your web visitors. More than 50% of the top 100,000 websites are leveraging Google’s Analytic service.

Use Pay-per-click advertising? Track your AdWords campaigns at the same time with the same tool. With your morning cup of coffee you can see what your traffic is doing and if you are attracting the right kinds of customers.

2. Facebook Insights

Have a Facebook page for you business?

(Hint: you should)

Great! Do your users prefer posts promoting your product or watching funny dog videos? What kind of engagement are you actually getting? These are the questions that Facebook Insights, another superb web analytics tool, can help you answer to improve your business. The tool provides very detailed information about follower counts, comments, likes, posts, shares and so much more. There are two different Facebook Insight tools based on your profile visitors and interaction with your content.

3. MailChimp Email Marketing

Do you collect your customer’s email addresses? Do you have a newsletter? Email marketing is a very effective channel for driving new and repeat business. MailChimp offers a free program for growing businesses and reports basic metrics (opens, clicks,etc). They even have simple form builders to help you get a newsletter sign up form on your site.

Want to get fancy? Create tracking codes in Google Analytics to isolate referring traffic from your marketing emails and track conversions/measure ROI.

4. Yelp for Business Owners

Do your customers review products and services? Do they review yours? Reputation management is a key piece of the small business pie. Yelp is a public place to see both praise and criticism from otherwise silent customers. Monitoring this is key to addressing problems before they spiral out of control. Yelp also has website plugins that allow you to show off how much your customers like your product or service – nothing like a customer to give you a compliment for other potential customers to see.

The Data Overload Problem

With all the services that are available to help market small business, one thing is very clear:

Information Overload.

If measuring effectiveness and saving time was the goal, we’re only half there by adding the above. What if there was a service that consolidated all of the above into a single Dashboard?

There is – and it’s TapAnalytics.

Consolidating marketing data into a single dashboard addresses the time problem – it helps you focus on the things that matter. Integrate your services and monitor campaigns. Compare conversion rates, site growth and even services – which marketing services provide you with the best access to your customers?

For the time saved, TapAnalytics is money well spent. Nothing (including time) is free, but time saved is time that can be applied to making your business grow. Come give TapAnalytics a test drive and see how the industries best marketing dashboard can help your business achieve new levels of success.