Facebook Marketing Dashboard: Controlling Social Media Marketing

This is short list of why you should care about a Facebook marketing dashboard; key performance indicators (KPIs), performance metrics, data – these things that drive your businesses. It is difficult to operate without regard for these elements. In fact, all the above come from a single source: data. Businesses are data driven. Your business has so much data and needs a method to harness it’s value.

That is why you will always try to keep track of it to your level best. Today you have to monitor your followers’ activity on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the entire social platform. You have to keep up with what is happening on your blogs and must measure the performance of your website. All these can be overwhelming. Yet in order to understand and make sense of all the data, you have to keep logging into your various platforms and manually check your activity.

But that is not the case anymore. You no longer have to bury your head in spreadsheets and carts for reports. In addition, you do not have to spend hours looking at large chunks of information for hours without really deriving much sense of it. It is easy monitor and make sense of your information just at a glance today when you let a dashboard do it all for you.

Why Use A Facebook Marketing Dashboard?

The world largest social media platform, Facebook, is a channel you cannot ignore if you want to build a social presence. It is the ultimate place where you meet up with the largest possible social media traffic that you can win over to your side. Just like the dashboard of your car, the Facebook marketing dashboard provides you with key information about this giant network.

While the dashboard of a car will let you monitor how much gas you have, the direction you are headed, the speed, and even warn you when you are over speeding, the Facebook marketing dashboard does virtually the same thing. It provides you with real-time information about your Facebook platform and interprets it for you in an easy to understand manner. The Facebook dashboard basically zones in on its key metrics; measuring and visually representing them in a unit view. The data can be used at virtually any level: corporate, department or project level.

Why Is A Social Marketing Dashboard Important?

There is a lot that involved in the course of business. You will like to keep up with the activity of your friends on Facebook. You need to know what your peers are up to. But you won’t always have the time log in and check the network. Perhaps you are managing more than one Facebook profile in addition to other social media profiles for your company. Most businesses do this today. It is the essence of social media presence. Manually logging into all these platforms can be cumbersome. Leave alone keeping a proper record of all their trends at all times. You need a way to make it simpler.

That is why TapClicks has optimized their Facebook dashboard for optimum functionality. This is an ultimate solution that brings all your company’s Facebook data to you. Using the Facebook dashboard widgets available in the TapClicks solution, this plugin helps process the status updates of your Friends, their RSS feed, the feeds of items you have posted, and your notifications feed. It then adds a widget for each of these datasets to your Facebook admin dashboard. All these happen directly and automatically without much of your effort. So now you can keep up with all that is going on in your Facebook network at all times and learn information as soon as it is available.

Want to see how easy it is to get actionble insight into Facebook marketing try out TapClicks for free here, or request a demo here. If you are curious you can read about more our Top 5 Tools Marketing Agencies Should use to Streamline Processes.