When Essential Data Visualization is All you Need

Good Data Visualization Runs Businesses Today

Data on the performance of your paid ads, data on the number of new visits to your site, the growth of traffic to your web pages, the number of clicks received by your shared links. These data sources matter to every business that is run online marketing today. Because without proper data visualization, you are simply in the dark.

You need to know about your competition. It is based on such information that you can position yourself against them. And, it is based on the information about your clients that you will create the products that match their specific tastes and partialities.

Data Visualization Platform

To make all these possible, TapAnalytics has created a fully customizable marketing analytics dashboard that is the ultimate marketing tool for any business online.

With the TapAnalytics marketing analytics dashboard, information can be accessed by the marketer at a glance. With the proper use of data visualization a business can learn the client behavior over different platforms without having to log into these platforms and manage the the data.

The marketing analytics dashboard is informed by the notion that each client has unique different needs. The digital marketer therefore needs to be capable of tweaking services to meet these particular needs. They need to be capable of creating custom products with the customer in mind. The marketing analytics dashboard is fully customizable so that each digital marketer can fit it appropriately into their marketing reports.

The TapAnalytics marketing analytics dashboard has multiple metrics that enable digital marketers to get essential data in real time. The dashboard saves on time and wastage that’s related building custom data visualization. Employees do not have to travel different marketing platform in order to access information. The marketing analytics dashboard allows for sharing of essential information over any geographical space to keep team members spread in different areas on the same page.

Data is Safer with TapAnalytics marketing analytics dashboard

The dashboard does not just allow for the sharing of essential data with all teams involved, it ensures its security as well. The tool protects data from being affected by unauthorized alteration. The teams can access the information in a read-only format. This ensures that only authorized personnel with company approval can alter the data in parts or in full.

Rich Marketing Decisions can be Made by Teams

While teams can always be vastly spread out and would have to spend a lot of time on sharing information, the dashboard reduces the time it would take to exchange such information. Whether marketing teams are interested in overviews of their rankings, their sites’ performance on social media or their site data on link building, they can have it all in the single dashboard.

The dashboard is not only customizable, it is also easy to load. It can be shared with clients wherever necessary. It allows marketing teams to monitor the progress of any ongoing campaign.

With this marketing analytics dashboard, real time client reporting is simplified. It brings interactivity in pitching and creates team collaboration irrespective of individual members’ location.

When you have fresh, instantly updated data, you are assured of timely response to client needs and any necessary changes that arise can be addressed before their negative effect is felt on the site’s ranking.

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