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Enterprises Benefit from Integrated On-demand Marketing Dashboards, Reporting and Analytics

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Digital agencies are quick to adopt new digital marketing analytics technology. But TapClicks has a solution for enterprise marketers as well!

The TapAnalytics marketing campaign reporting and analytics platform offers integrated management data for real-time decisions. Automated, integrated dashboards support proactive planning and reporting results.  TapAnalytics technology does the heavy lifting of integrating and structuring cross-channel marketing data, and is fast and easy for enterprises to deploy, without overhead.

What does “Integrated On-demand Marketing Dashboards, Reporting and Analytics” mean to enterprises?

Let’s explore the main concepts, the top platform features and what they do for you.

  1. You Can Have it All! Integrated Marketing
  2. You Can Have it Now! On-demand Marketing Dashboardsand Reporting
  3. You Can Optimize it! Marketing Analytics

You Can Have it All! Integrated Marketing

The TapAnalytics marketing dashboard saves you from logging into all your different tools for an update on campaign performance. It provides a 360° view across campaigns, with aggregated marketing data from all disparate sources, in dashboards and real-time reports. TapAnalytics offers accurate, complete cross-channel analytics with near real-time visibility into performance across all channels. Eliminate endless hours of reporting, pulling numbers from a miscellany of data sources—printouts, digital files, various applications and logins.

Summarize data from each of your specialized campaign tools in a meaningful way for visibility into cross-channel performance. Eliminate costs: whether marketers do it themselves, or pay agencies, it is labor-intensive and time consuming. Eliminate time delay: manual reports are never really up-to-date. Extracting data manually simply takes a lot of time. Reports can be light years behind! And when data is old, you risk basing decisions on stale information. Eliminate errors: by definition, manual data is error prone, and such a multi-faceted, complex task involves a high probability of errors.

Automated reporting creates marketing reports you can export and automatically schedule in Email, Word, Excel, and PDF formats. TapAnalytics saves you from manually generating dozens of separate reports. Automated data, directly from the campaign tool source, is more accurate and reliable than manual spreadsheets. Accessible, trustworthy, accurate results.

Data visualization presents your campaign results with slick graphs and charts, including comparative scoring. TapAnalytics offers flexibility. View metrics at any level of granularity, with drill-down views integrated across many platforms. And, it’s easy to add channels, campaigns, clients, etc.

You Can Have it Now! On-demand Marketing Dashboards and Reporting

TapAnalytics offers easy setup, you can get started in 30 seconds. Use the onboarding wizard to connect a tool, generate a dashboard, and schedule a report for any or all of your stakeholders: sales, marketing, operations and management.

Self-serve dashboards deliver immediate answers in seconds, instead of weeks. All the marketing data is in one place, and with a simple click you can drill down to see specific campaign performance, ad creative, or even listen to call recordings.

Communication is easy with shared reports and dashboards. Automated, integrated reporting and shared dashboards help all stakeholders collaborate as a team and share decisions.

Configure TapAnalytics to your own preferences. Change names of services, currency displayed, and setup reporting profiles for each internal audience, so they see just what they need. With the white-label option, make TapAnalytics into your own marketing reporting solution! Simply add your logo, rename services, and support links directly in the platform.

You Can Optimize it! Marketing Analytics

TapAnalytics delivers immediate data and analytics for marketing decisions. Cross-channel and cross-campaign performance data is delivered on demand, for fast marketing action and optimization. The TapAnalytics analytics engine helps you identify trends early, recognize mistakes quickly, optimize continuously, and spot opportunities in time to act on them. You can use data to plan and experiment, and make spend decisions based on real-time performance data.

Important KPIs are automatically culled from all your various disparate single-channel campaigns and data sets. TapAnalytics reports the KPIs and metrics that matter, merging them in ways that make cross-channel sense. Real-time analytics give you an overview on how your campaigns are pacing so you understand instantly when something needs attention or when to share success.

Automating cross-channel marketing reporting eliminates data chaos so marketers can focus on making better decisions. TapAnalytics offers marketing data to optimize within channels and inform cross-channel strategy: insight and action!

Deliver and Prove ROI across your Enterprise

Enterprise marketers face increasing pressure to quantify their contribution to the business.

  • 68% of marketers say there is more pressure to show ROI on spend, and 75% say it’s their greatest concern, yet 56% say we’re unprepared for ROI accountability. Source:IBM Global CMO Study.
  • Only 25% of marketers can answer the question, “What is marketing’s impact on the business?” And 85% of marketers see even more future pressure to describe marketing’s value and contribution to the business. Source: VEM/ITSMA.


The right marketing reporting and analytics solution is a strategic decision, ensuring that marketing activity and business outcomes are aligned, with immediate visibility of results.  Don’t just guess, with data locked away in various silos! Don’t waste time on manual reports! Integrating and managing data manually is untenable in the increasingly multi-channel marketing landscape. Too complicated. Too expensive. Too slow. Trying to turn unwieldy marketing data sets into a decision-driving business asset by repeating the same rote steps week after week is no job for marketers! It’s a job for technology!

View, measure, share and optimize your results with TapAnalytics. Explore what the integrated TapAnalytics marketing analytics capabilities can do for you, your management and your enterprise!