Delivering DoubleClick for Advertisers Power To Marketing Dashboards

TapClicks: Delivering the Power of DoubleClick for Advertisers support for Desktop


Digital media offers many channels to choose from, evaluate, and optimize, and one of the key building blocks for outbound marketing campaigns is DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA.)

DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA)DoubleClick marketing reporting dashboard tool

Google DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) is an ad management and ad serving solution that helps agencies and advertisers manage the entire scope of digital advertising programs.

  • DoubleClick for advertisers streamlines workflow for planning, trafficking, targeting, serving, optimization and reporting. It is the foundation of DoubleClick’s digital ad management platform for advertisers, which includes DoubleClick Search, DoubleClick Rich Media and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Together, these solutions help agencies and marketers master even the most complex online advertising strategies.

TapClicks Doubleclick for Advertisers Integration: Get It, Analyze It, Share It!

With TapClicks, Google DoubleClick for advertisers performance results, analytics, insights and reports are easy to obtain and share.The new TapClicks 3.6 platform, available now,includes a Connector for DoubleClick for Advertisers.

First, Get It!

Setup is easy: simply provide DoubleClick for advertisers  login information.Google's DoubleClick for advertisers support

  1. SELECT the account/campaign. Log into the 3rd-party service you are trying to connect, in this case DoubleClick for advertisers . You will see a list of accounts/campaigns displayed. Click on the one you want!
  2. CREATE a client: You selected a campaign, now it needs a place to stay in your dashboard! Enter the client name and click to create.
  3. CONNECT them together: After creating the Client (or searching an existing one), just click “Connect Client”.

Congratulations! You have connected your first client. Feel free to connect as many clients as you need.

Second: Analyze It!

TapClicks Connectors and Dashboards,combined with proprietary technology,automatically gather, present and analyzea number of important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Campaign: All the campaigns, for all clients, sortable for easy viewing
  • Ad identity, ad type, and adpixel size
  • Placements, or sites where DFA ads are placed
  • Date sent, with start and end date, and Ad Status
  • Impressions, Clicks, and Click-Through Rates (CTRs)
  • Ad performance, campaign rate , cost structure and total booked units

TapClicks Analytics also provide scoring and relative success information, so you can evaluate various campaigns.

Third: Share It!

Then, TapClicks reports the results of your DoubleClick for advertisers  campaigns, with insights, and analysis.Dashboards and reports are fully customizable so you can see a full agency rollup, as well as create individual dashboards and reports for each client. Reports can be delivered in HTML, pdf, Excelor MS Word formats.

For agencies, the dashboard serves several objectives:

  • Agency management and operational managers can view a rollup of campaigns to optimize, and monitor costs by channel and campaign, to get the best results
  • Account managers and agency sales representatives have a dashboard view for automated, real time reporting information on campaigns: Were they launched? When? What are the results so far?
  • This leads to great communications, client satisfaction,ROI, and retention.

For clients:

  • A customized dashboard view for clients/ advertisers gives them customized reporting and analytics information for their particular campaigns, avoiding time delays and onerous data collection, and delivering the same real-time information to clients.

So, with TapClicksDoubleClick for Advertisers, you can Get it! Analyze It! And Share It!

Other TapClicks Integrations

In addition to DoubleClick for advertisers, TapClicks helps you leverage other outbound marketing channels and initiatives, for your company, your agency, and your clients. Other standard integrations with digital media include Google Analytics, with important KPIs such as Goal Completions, AdSense Revenue and E-commerce transactions; Google and Bing SEM campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FourSquare, email newsletters, and others… check them out over at our integration marketplace!

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