Digital Online Marketing Uses Client’s Campaign Data to Help Travel Industry

Client's Campaign Data Digital Marketing Reports

A Case Study


The TapAnalytics digital marketing analytics platform was selected by one of the nation’s leading agencies providing destination marketing solutions. Founded in the early 1980s, this agency caters to the travel industry and adjacent markets, delivering full-spectrum solutions in print and online, as well as analytics. Its sophisticated client base demands detailed reporting and ROI metrics for their marketing investments.

The agency chose TapAnalytics in the third quarter of 2013 to effectively raise the bar on delivering digital marketing management, reporting and analytics in the travel industry. The TapAnalytics platform now delivers ROI across the board to both the agency and their key accounts. Over 100 clients, and thousands of digital marketing campaigns, are currently being served.

The Challenge


The agency’s key challenge was that they are running complex campaigns including search engine marketing, social media, and digital promotions, all of which require a consistent reporting suite to make sense of campaigns and measure their success across all these initiatives: a challenge now solved with TapAnalytics.

Their ROI goals included operational efficiencies, client renewal and expansion. To achieve this, the agency needed to drive the customer’s ROI, said an agency spokesperson.


TapAnalytics Application


Prior to partnering with TapClicks, the agency’s account managers would spend many hours chasing data and gathering performance metrics. Now, with TapAnalytics, account managers can immediately produce extensive reports customized to their needs, and the needs of their clients, with a minimum of effort. Dashboards provide real time access to all campaign data, across all clients, with analytics and success metrics. Alerts provide timely notification of campaign status and results. Dashboards and alerts are easily customized for each client as well.

Highlights of the TapAnalytics application reported by the agency:

“We linked our clients, and their campaign data, in minutes.”
“We, and our clients, get the latest results in TapAnalytics dashboards on demand— with 24/7 access.”
“We can supply email reports and configurable dashboards to our clients automatically.”
“We get reports in the formats we and our clients choose: PDF, HTML, MS XL or MS Word.”



Results and ROI


“The easy-to-use TapAnalytics platform improved our internal reporting efficiency and client response time by 10x, giving us more time to focus on new sales and client strategy,” commented an agency spokesperson.

Results and ROI spanned the following factors:

Reporting effort: TapAnalytics saves hours in assembly and formatting of data.
Reduced customer churn: TapAnalytics automates communication with clients, via customized TapAnalytics reporting. In addition to results tracking, data analytics measurably improve clients’ marketing ROI.

Net-net, results for this agency include increased automation, time saved by eliminating manual reporting, operational efficiencies, valuable analytics, and competitive advantage in attracting and retaining clients.