[Webinar] Driving ROI Through Call Tracking & Omni-Channel Marketing Analytics

In today’s omnichannel and cross-device world, marketing analytics has never been more important – or complex. As you invest in search, social, display, and other digital channels, you need the right insights to measure and optimize performance. It’s important to know exactly how customers move down the path to purchase and which marketing activities influence each action – whether online, in person, or over the phone.

In this recently hosted joint webinar between TapClicks, RevLocal, and DialogTech, digital marketing analytics experts from all three companies walked through how top digital agencies, brands, and franchises use dashboards and analytics to drive business results.

Click the video link below to watch and learn:

  • How to easily bring all your data into a single dashboard and drive real growth
  • The data marketers use to measure, compare, and optimize cross-channel performance
  • How insights from phone conversions and conversations significantly increase ROI

Just as we offered in the webinar, if you’d like to learn more, receive a personalized demo, or otherwise get help getting started, simply reach out — we’d be happy to!