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Customer Retention is a Major Agency Challenge 

A major area in which agencies fall short of expectations are the skills required for delivering integrated communications. Most marketers would like their agencies to lead integration between all brand communication partners.

Recent Forbes surveys of marketers show that when asked about agencies’ ability to execute:

  • 82% of clients think agencies are struggling  to incorporate  digital platforms
  • 24% of clients say “agencies are falling short and not doing a good job”
  • 72% of clients say agencies are “inconsistent and need to improve”

ROI is Key to Customer Retention
What are your clients thinking?

  • Over 70 percent of companies believe that digital marketing holds significant potential, but more than half struggle to measure its exact impact on sales and profits.
  • An 2013 online study of 1,000 U.S. digital marketers by Adobe Systems and ResearchNow found, 76% of survey respondents believed measuring marketing performance was important, yet only 29% felt that they were doing it well.
  • A substantial 46% of marketers think that agencies are struggling in transitioning their business model to incorporate a more digital platform, and another 36% observe that agencies are making progress acquiring digital assets, but find it difficult integrating them.


There is a solution, for customer delight and customer retention as we move further into the complex, multi-faced, digital marketing era…


TapClicks Dashboards and Reporting for Digital Agency Clients


TapClicks is an all-in-one analytics and reporting platform which can help your digital agency clients stay on top of their campaigns, demonstrate marketing ROI to their management, and deliver proven value.

  • Conquer complexity: Customizable client dashboards and reports provide immediate visibility and automate reporting and communication of campaign status for all of your clients marketing channels and initiatives.
  • Automate client communication: In real time, cloud-based TapAnalytics automatically gathers, analyzes and displays key metrics for all campaigns. Dashboards visually present the results of your campaigns. Email reports and alerts keep clients posted instantly.
  • Prove results and ROI: Analytics let you track and optimize client campaign performance now, and for the future.


The net result is increased customer retention, for revenue growth and increased profitability.


Explore what our integrated marketing analytics capabilities can do for you, your management and your clients! And contact us for a demo, or a free trial!