Data Visualization in Widgets – How to in Add Visualization in Reports

Widgets are a great tool for building custom dashboards and telling unique stories about your campaign successes. A new extension of the Widget functionality includes the ability to compare your data over different time periods. Comparisons are a fantastic way to show growth, change and improvements in your marketing campaigns.

Want to Add Data Visualization and Comparison to a Widget in Your Marketing Dashboard? Here is How!

Starting within your Elite dashboard, pick a widget type to add to your dashboard.

Data Visualization types for a marketing dashboard

In this example, we will use a line chart – but the comparison feature will work will for the chart and number widgets.

Build Your Widget

With Google Analytics as the data source, the data view is campaigns and the metric selected is Sessions. You can add more than a single metric, but for simplicity of this example, we are using one metric.

Selecting Google Analytics for data visualization

Create a your line chart widget and see the new chart in your Widget Dashboard with clear data visualization.

Line chart Data Visualization in a marketing dashboard

The new line chart widget has 30 days of data. Pretty slick, eh? Now let’s add the prior period (prior month) data for a comparison. Select the data range, and then select the Compare to radio button and press apply.

Selecting a date range to compare line chart data in a marketing dashboard

Your dashboard will update with a new, fainter color line indicating the prior period data.

Data Visualization Comparing date ranges with line charts widgets in a marketing dashboard

Your widget dashboard now has both current and prior period data shown. Comparison data can be applied to the chart and number widgets. This increased functionality will provide a new opportunity to better showcase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Combined with our Import Wizard, comprehensive integration list, flexible widget dashboard and automated reporting features, TapClicks has become the go-to BI-Lite business reporting tool.

Check out the quick How-To video to see how easy adding comparison data to your widgets can be!