Data Dashboards: The Key to Improved Decision Making

From email marketing to social media marketing campaigns, marketers in today’s global market are faced with an overwhelming amount of data. They have to determine how audiences are likely react to various messages placed on different channels.

You’ll be glad to know that TapClicks data dashboard helps enterprises make sense big data by aggregating data from different sources into one place. The data is displayed on elegant digital graphs and charts that comprise the data dashboard.

Managers and marketers aren’t left out! They can benefit from implementing processes which bring out information on their business performance. Information that can easily be evaluated to pinpoint risk areas, areas that require improvement and those that are trending is highly useful for decision making. That is where the TapClicks data dashboard comes in.

Imagine having all your data sources and platforms integrated into a single platform that you can easily monitor. Well, the system is designed to automatically update data as they stream in. For instance, you’ll be able to watch your followers as they respond to your email marketing campaigns!

You will quickly know those who clicked on links attached on your email blast, those who opened the mails, and those who took no action. A campaign that has high number of unopened mails will indicate a weakness in its level of appeal.

That information will guide decisions on designing of better email campaigns.

Now, say the campaign gets a large number of followers, it would signal success of the marketing message. A more appealing message will be evident from the Meta description and is likely to get a high click through rate.

Role of a Data Dashboard in Making Critical Decisions

Whether it is time to share insights with marketing teams on progress made or coordinate efforts to improve campaigns is a decision that faces every business owner and manager. They have to decide on messages that will create stronger connection with audiences. They also have to decide when time is right for a particular message.

A business will only succeed in increasing brand awareness and winning followers if they communicate appealing messages. Such messages can only be created if the business is well supplied with market information. One most effective way of providing such information is via a data dashboard.

Just like a car dashboard, the data dashboard has the objective of providing concise and clear information pertaining to the key drivers of business performance. It is essentially a synopsis of the operations of a business.

The dashboard displays information in a visual format that is not only easy to read, but easily understood and remembered by key business decision makers as well. In this manner, it succeeds in improving the whole element of decision making.

What’s Involved in Improving Decision Making and Performance?

Business performance and the effectiveness of decision making essentially go hand in hand. When decision making improves, the performance of the business is likely to improve eventually. Here are some of the practices that are likely to contribute to improved decision making and business performance.

  1. Evaluation of past actions and performance to identify areas that could do with adjustments.
  2. Implementing pending decisions and actions whose capacity to improve performance have been previously assessed.
  3. Observing and reporting actions that have been taken to improve performance.

When key drivers and risks facing a business are reported in a dashboard then decision makers have access to easy-to-understand information. This will assist them in improving business decision making.

You can Check out TapClicks Data Dashboard for yourself for free or if you want a more guided experience let us demo our platform for you.