Dashboard Service Tools That Let You Effectively Manage Your Advertising

Marketing is an art. You and your team want to be able to effectively track your marketing efforts to ensure your campaigns are actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing. With the help of some easy to use tools, you are able to do just this. Setting up multiple campaigns and not being able to see how they are actually behaving or engaging with potential customers would be a waste. As a marketer, it is important to manage your programs in such a way that gives you an overview of how your campaigns are running and is not a significant waste of time.


It is very tedious to log into each individual service’s website to track multiple campaigns. It would also be a hassle to try to figure out the health of the campaigns from the avalanche of email notifications you receive from these services. What you want is to efficiently look at all your campaigns on one cohesive platform.


Your Solution: a Visual Dashboard That Gives You the Exact Information You Want at a Glance


With a handy dashboard, you and your team will be able to conveniently track different campaigns and advertisements without needing to consolidate various reports from each of these marketing services. The TapAnalytics dashboard not only allows you to see all these advertisements on one page, but it also provides valuable analytics to assess the value of your campaigns and see if they are performing up to expectation.


Let’s See What You Can Do


A general overview using TapAnalytics lets you see the number of a campaign’s impressions, clicks, average price per click, average click through ratio, and how much you are spending for that campaign. You can also choose to dive deeper into this information.


Reporting Dashboard metrics


By clicking on one of these campaigns, you are able to narrow down on the individual advertisements. Here you can investigate if an advertisement is getting minimal clicks and therefore minimal conversions. If so, targeting which advertisements require more attention is made easy. For example, with the TapAnalytics dashboard you are able to track your Facebook Ads campaigns and see valuable information after just a couple of clicks. Here is an example of how the dashboard allows you to analyze your advertisements.

Analytics dashboard Campaign reporting

This image shows us that the last campaign boxed in red needs some attention. Compared to the other campaigns, this particular one is not getting clicks at all. Once a marketing team member views this piece of vital information, he or she can go and further investigate the cause of this issue and make a change.


In addition, you are able to generate graphs so you can visually see an overview of how users are interacting with your campaigns. You are able to track things like page views, average session duration, new followers, bounce rates and more!

Marketing dashboard line graph

This graph allows you to visually see page views, engaged users, and total fans within any time period you choose. With this information, you can track which days received the most activity and interaction with users. You can also decide to further track this interaction and attribute it to a specific post to see which topics are most important to your targeted audience.


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All this valuable information is easy to follow and analyze with the use of TapAnalytics. It is convenient because you can see all the necessary data from multiple campaigns on one easy to use dashboard. Setting up each marketing services will take you less than a minute and you’ll be pleased with the analytics that are presented to you. To learn more about TapAnalytics please  sign up for a free 14 day trial.