Clients Demand Better Marketing Performance Reporting

TapClicks marketing analytics platform

TapClicks delivers complete marketing solutions to media companies, agencies, and enterprises.   The company’s flagship product is the TapAnalytics Marketing Reporting Dashboard.

To learn more, we caught up with Zachary Jarvinen, director of product marketing at TapClicks:

What local problem(s) does TapClicks solve? How?
Gone are the days of Don Draper.  Today’s agencies and media companies use dozens of tools to do local marketing: Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, Yelp — various Display, SEO, SEM — and many more.  Adding to this, today’s clients demand reports on campaign performance.

However, generating reports across all these new digital channels requires logging into each of them separately.  As a result, many are manually going into each tool and printing, copying and pasting for hours and hours each month.  We noticed this and thought: “Really?  There has to be a better way.”

And so we built TapAnalytics.  We solve this by taking in all your different marketing tools into a unified dashboard with an analytics engine and automated reporting. Want to know what campaigns are performing well or which might need your attention?  No problem, with comparisons, color-coding, and scoring across all your campaigns we make it easy.  Have a demanding client or stakeholder asking you for daily reports across tools?  We’ve got you covered: you can export your reports in your preferred format — Excel, Word or PDF — or even share a simplified version of the dashboard with your clients.  Want to automate this so you don’t even have to think about it? Even better, with TapAnalytics you can schedule these reports so that your clients receive them over email when you want them to.

What makes TapClicks innovative?
TapClicks — along with ClickFuel — were the first companies to build marketing reporting products specifically catered to agencies and media companies.  Six months ago, TapClicks and ClickFuel merged.  The combination of companies has brought together some of the smartest minds in marketing analytics.  In the last six months alone, we’ve integrated over 40 new marketing services, released dozens of new features, and are launching two new product lines this fall.

We’re constantly thinking and dreaming about new ways to help our clients succeed.  We carefully listen to what they want, and are quick to build their feedback into our solution wherever possible.  Just in the past couple months, this has lead to new options for white labeling (agencies get their own marketing reporting solution!), support for franchises, and margin/markup capabilities in reports.  These are major features that all of us in local marketing can benefit from.   Related big Enterprise solutions don’t have these features — or would cost a fortune in consultant’s fees to implement them.  In TapAnalytics, they come out-of-the-box and are affordable to everyone.

How does TapClicks make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
In addition to simply being a great group of folks that they want to be around at LSA Conferences?

TapAnalytics provides transparency across all the tools you’re using, enabling you to take better actions — agnostic to brand names or hype — but instead getting us to focus simply on what’s driving the best results.

In turn, users of TapAnalytics are becoming more effective marketers.  We can use the extra time saved not needing to manually generate reports to actually make campaigns better or, spend more time with the local clients broaching new campaign ideas.

Furthermore, our users are more empowered to add new marketing service tools that add value to clients, as they aren’t faced with the fear of adding yet another manual report — they can simply plug them into their TapAnalytics dashboard alongside their others.  In fact, we even add to the ecosystem by highlighting new tools — or tools other users are seeing benefit from — directly in our app and in the knowledge base we provide around it.

What is next in local?
For us, what’s next is meeting the needs of the more cutting-edge local marketers. We’re rolling out a new setup and reporting option for companies managing multiple locations in our tool as we speak.  It’s the basis of what we call our “Pro” product, and allows our users to tailor the views of marketing services to nicely reflect their regional organization.

Additionally, we’ve gotten a lot of requests from more sophisticated local marketers to enable customizable dashboards, build-your-own graph widgets, and category views to mix and mash services together within our tool.  These have become the basis of our “Elite” product, which we are now offering to select users as well.

For more information check out the video below, visit or contact TapClicks directly at [email protected].

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