The Brave New World of Marketing Analytics Reporting! Can You Keep Up?

marketing analytics reporting marketing reporting dashboard

It’s a digital marketing analytics world! And the stakes are high:

  • Generate Campaign Report marketing analytics reportingAccording to a Fournaise Marketing Group Study, most CEOs are skeptical of marketers:  80% of CEOs don’t believe marketing chiefs add value to the business.


  • “Nearly 2/3 of CMOs think return on investment will be the primary measure of their effectiveness in 2015… (yet) half of all CMOs feel insufficiently prepared to provide hard numbers. (Source: IBM global CMO study)


  • The 2014 State of Digital Marketing survey named “proof of ROI” as CMOs’ greatest obstacle to securing more budget.


Now, as never before, marketers can use digital marketing data to justify their campaigns….and their budgets!

But raw data is not enough!



Trends are clear:

“The biggest hurdle is finding useful insights from all of the data that marketers are gathering.” (Source: Bizo “Data-Driven Marketer” survey of 852 marketers.)

  • More than 60% of marketers use analytics.
  • 54.8% of marketers use data to measure marketing performance.
  • And 51.8% of marketers said their biggest hurdle in data-driven marketing was building reports that delivered insights.


Studies show….You will outperform your competitors…. but only if you find a way to integrate and analyze your digital channels, and provide high-ROI reporting to your clients!

The Value of  Marketing Analytics Reports

Multiply the number of channels, by the number of clients you serve, and reporting and analytics may seem daunting…

  • Can you afford NOT to get a handle on the growing storm of digital marketing data?
  • Spending on marketing analytics will increase 60% by 2015….
  • Are your competitors moving up to the latest analytics and reporting technology? Are you keeping up?

Introducing an intelligent marketing analytics platform that simplifies and accelerates reporting for your clients.

The TapAnalytics Platform with Marketing Analytics and Marketing Reporting for Digital Agencies, Clients and Marketers

TapAnalytics is a complete digital agency analytics and reporting platform which integrates industry-leading tools to manage your digital marketing campaigns effectively.

It helps your digital marketing agency, and clients, stay on top of all campaigns, with analytics insights, to demonstrate marketing ROI to management, and deliver proven value.

  • Save time and reduce reporting effort:  Customizable client dashboards and reports provide immediate visibility and automate reporting and communication of campaign status for all of your clients’ marketing channels and initiatives. Improve your operational efficiency, reduce reporting and management costs.
  • Gain insight and prove ROI: On demand, cloud-based TapAnalytics automatically gathers, analyzes and displays key metrics for all campaigns. Quickly visualize, scrutinize, and optimize campaign investments now, and for the future.
  • Demonstrate proven value: Demonstrate proven value to your clients, improve communications, and increase customer retention for revenue growth and increased profitability. Dashboards visually present the results of your campaigns. Email reports and alerts keep clients posted instantly.


Explore what our integrated platform for marketing analytics and reporting can do for you, your management and your clients.