How To Pick the Best Online Marketing Reporting Tools?

Most successful online marketers are not thriving on a talent. Their success is anchored in the use of the right selection of online marketing reporting tools. These people know how and have a selection of the most useful tools of their trade.

Once you have identified the online marketing reporting tools that work for you, it may not be long before you become addicted to the use of these tools.

With so many of them online, it can become quite challenging to identify the best. You need new online marketing reporting tools that can simplify particular areas of your business. The most advisable thing to do is not to try all of them. Rather, identify those that you cannot live without in your business. Then make them your favorite online marketing reporting tools.

Here are a select few of them that you could consider adding to your collection.

Marketing Reporting Tools: Cyfe

You may get too busy at times as a business owner. In addition, you have to maintain track of your different interactions with clients while keeping an eye on the business. All these may necessitate the use of numerous unlike platforms for your email marketing, advertising, invoicing, search engine optimization (SEO), publishing, web analytics and the social media.

Cyfe comes in handy in such a scenario. It is a dashboard software that allows you to view data from majority of the platforms used in a single place. That way you can save a lot of time that could otherwise be used in visiting individual platforms.

As long as you have Cyfe, there is no more going to FreshBooks, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, MailChimp and many other websites to see the business data each day.

Marketing Reporting Tools: Analytics Engine

This tool provides you with an overview of how the business campaigns are faring. You can use it to see how your efforts are pacing up. You will instantly know when something ought to get your attention or when you should share some achievement.

Marketing Reporting Tools: Rival IQ

You can keep up with your peers within your space, analyze their websites, social media and search engine optimization strategy. As the name suggests, the Rival IQ offers you a sleek peek into the marketing mindset of your competition. And based on what their other competitors are doing, you can advise your peers on certain areas within their strategy that could do with some improvement.

Some marketers point out the ability to quickly compare multiple website titles of different businesses as a favorite feature of Rival IQ.

One will get an alert when their competitors make changes to any features they monitor. Rival IQ is likely to guide you in making product improvements and achieve precisely what the customers like.

Clients point out the following as the features they find most useful with different online marketing tools from TapClicks.

Marketing Dashboard

With the Marketing Dashboard software, TapClicks helps businesses save time and keep from logging into all their different tools to get an update on the performance of their various campaigns. You have a 360 degrees view of all your campaigns.

Easy Set-up

This is a time saver. You could be up in just 30 seconds. You have the option to use the onboarding wizard to generate a dashboard, connect a tool and schedule a client or stakeholder report.

The list of online marketing reporting tools can be so long. It is upon you to look around and single out those that best works for your specific purpose.

Automated Reporting

From TapClicks, Automated Reporting is one of the most essential features of online marketing reporting tools available.  You can export and plan automatic reports into Word, Email, Excel, and PDF. This feature saves you from having to manually generate several different reports.

If you are searching for new online marketing reporting tools check out our integration marketplace. If you would like to see these tools working in an online marketing dashboard try it for free here or get a customized demo.