Anthony Adams’ Advice for Startup Success: Understand Data Driven KPIs

Anthony Adams, TapClicks’ Senior Vice President of Product and Solutions, sat down with Patrick Foley of “The Startup Success Podcast” to discuss his background, TapClicks, and his advice for other startups.

Anthony came to to TapClicks from a varied background and he considers himself extremely fortunate because he has been able to do so many different things. At age 17, Anthony entered the Marine Corps, and following his service he was a commercial diver in places such as the Gulf of Mexico and the Chevron Oil Field in Nigeria. After coming back stateside, Anthony got into desktop support and technology. This career progressed into positions at a couple of startups as well as big corporations. He spend the first half of his career was spent in technical services and large infrastructure for internet switching and routing. Anthony then spent time in the publishing and advertising industries at companies including United Business Media, Ziff Davis Enterprise, and CurtCo Media–The Robb Report. Anthony then came across TapClicks, and “it was love at first sight”. Anthony was drawn to TapClicks because the company offers him the ability to unify his past experiences in media, marketing services, and technology with his passion for marketing and advertising technology.

“TapClicks is really about how we provide a tool that allows marketers to aggregate all their campaign data from all those various platforms into one place so they can make sense of it and also build telling reports and dashboards to not only help them sell but also help their customers decipher the noise.” These marketers range from local managed market service shops to large agencies and corporations. TapClicks provides useful tools and services to every type of customer. “If you think about the challenges marketers have had in the last several years, as social increases and as we see the divergence away from traditional display to more engaging forms for online attribution, the amount of tools and systems that marketers have to deal with are exponentially increasing.” All size marketers can use TapClicks’ platform to aggregate campaign data, show value and ROI, and track leads and engagement.

Anthony says that it is important to be data driven, people try to do too much in the startup world, and they lose sight of the one thing that will make them successful. It is crucial to be able to define your company’s KPIs, and what will enable your business/client to get to the next stage. Often times KPIs for companies are revenue, money, and in marketing, clicks. Anthony says “people get hung up on clicks,” and ultimately what is most important is what converts to dollars, and often times this in not dollars down but conversion up. In the case of an eCommerce shop, when someone converts, you know where they came from, and they likely filled out a form. How many of the people who filled out the form are a sale? How do people get to the form? What media channels played a part in the process? These questions are integral to identifying the needs and success of your business. Anthony says that it is important to “start with your conversion metrics and work your way back… building the funnel backwards.”

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