The Easiest Way to Add Area Charts to Your Marketing Reports Dashboard

We’re arming you with yet another tool to add value to client reports: The Area Chart Widget.

Available in the 5.9 release, this new widget allows you to pull in metrics and display in an interactive, layer-based Area Chart. Here’s a quick tutorial:


Want to Add Area Charts to Your Marketing Reports Dashboard? Here is How!

Starting at the Elite Analytics Dashboard, navigate to your dashboard list and select the dashboard to add the new Area Chart to.

TapAnalytics manage services witn in a marketing reports dashboard


From the dashboard, select the Add New Widget button:

TapAnaltyics 5.9 Marketing Dashboard Add a New Widget


In the widget type menu, select the Line / Area Chart option:

TapAnaltyics Select Area Chart Widget for a Marketing Reports Dashboard

Build Your Area Chart:

Now let’s configure your Area Chart! Name your Widget, select a data source (Google Analytics in this example), and the metrics you wish to display in the Area Chart. The order in which you select metrics is crucial. “Left to Right” your metrics will display “Back to Front” on the dashboard.

TIP: It’s best to select your metrics from LARGEST to SMALLEST to ensure highest client “wow-factor.”

TapAnaltyics Configure Area Chart Widget for Marketing Reports Dashboard


Select your metrics and save changes.

TapAnaltyics Interactive Area Chart Widget with in a Marketing Reports Dashboard

Boom!!! Just like that, you’ve built an interactive Area Chart widget. But we’re not done! You can toggle certain metrics on and off by clicking them in the Key at the bottom of the widget.


TapAnalytics toggling your area chart metrics in a marketing reports dashboard

In the above image we toggled off Sessions to hide them in the Area Chart. Just another way to help visualize data. Your clients will love it!

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