5 Ways to Win with a Digital Marketing Dashboard


Competition Analysis with TapAnalytics

TKO Your Competition with TapAnalytics!

The TapAnalytics digital marketing dashboard and reporting platform gives you all the muscle you need to outperform your competitors, cut costs, improve efficiency, and deliver marketing ROI. Here are our Top 5 ways to win! No rope-a-dope!

Trust your trainer, get in shape!

First, join the heavyweights. Get the TapAnalytics digital marketing platform. You can see pricing and buy it now, and even request a free trial!

The first exercise is to connect all your services. Yes, it takes an initial investment of time, but it’s not a real workout! You can connect all your clients, all your campaigns, and all your digital marketing campaign tools in minutes. TapClicks has made it as easy as possible, no sweat, as you can see in the following dashboard view. And, once done, it is done, you are in great shape!

digital marketing dashboard

TapAnalytics platform campaign integrations render performance results, analytics, insights and reports easy to obtain and share: Get It, Analyze It, and Share It!

  1. Get It!  Setup is easy: simply provide campaign tool login information.
  2. Analyze It! TapAnalytics Connectors automatically gather and analyze important KPIs and present them in dashboards and reports.
  3. Share It! TapClicks reports the results of campaigns, with insights, and analysis. Dashboards and reports are fully customizable for full agency rollups, as well as individual dashboards and reports for each client. Reports can be delivered in HTML, pdf, Excel or MS Word formats.

Fast footwork on reporting!

Now, you are in the ring. TapAnalytics saves you an incredible amount of time in reporting and communicating to all the stakeholders: enterprise or digital agency marketing management, your marketing team, operations, and clients. Our unified, on-demand dashboard with a superior GUI presents the information you need, across all campaigns, so you can react with tensile strength! Customize dashboard views to suit each of these stakeholders. Set up automated, customized reporting in a variety of formats, saving untold hours of tedious manual reporting work. As Ali well knew, timely reporting is a powerful image builder!

Internet Marketing Dashboard

A plethora of punches to choose from!

With TapAnalytics, you can choose the right digital marketing tools for each of your campaigns, and clients. We support dozens of the most popular tools spanning categories of display advertising, social media, reputation management, email, lead generation, SEO, analytics and SEM.

For a complete and current list of integrations TapAnalytics supports, click here.

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