5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Sets You Apart From Other Agencies

With over 120,000 marketing agencies in the U.S. alone, it can be difficult to draw attention to your business, especially when everyone promises to attract customers, drive sales, and build brand awareness.

While it’s true there are many options for potential clients to chose from, not all agencies are created equal. Some are masters of the ‘experience’ campaign. Others are lead-gen ninjas. Whatever your specialty, it’s your job to showcase how you’re different and why you’re better. If you want to really stand out as the best marketing agency in your space, it’s important to fine-tune your own marketing strategy by employing the following 5 tactics.

1. Highlight your Differentiators

The first step in standing out is one of the basics of marketing—strategically showing how you provide unique and relevant services.

In other words, what is your pitch and why should your prospects care?

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to focus on the unique needs of your customer, and show them exactly how you will grow their business. This strategy works in contrast to agencies that generically tout their own past accomplishments, regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with helping a new potential client.

Focus on the individual needs and pain points facing potential clients –  you come across as understanding of their needs and a relevant advocate for their brand, rather than another ‘advertising expert’ from an irrelevant market segment.

You’re an agency. Use this opportunity to excite them about your product the same way you intend on exciting customers about theirs. As you prepare your pitch, it’s important to succinctly explain what your agency will do and how you will measure campaign success.

2. Stay Consistent in Purpose

The second way to stand out from other agencies is to abandon the one-size fits all approach to marketing. According to a recent Hubspot article, constancy in purpose means providing a set of experiences that will accurately define the brand every time a consumer comes in contact with that brand. From you, this requires a high level of creativity and focus for each individual brand you work with.

While it may be easier to provide a generic “formula for success” for all of your clients, it won’t do you any favors. While each of your clients have different needs, and it’s important for them to understand how the excitement turns into new clients.

3. Measure, Interpret, Adjust and Report – Using Data to Shape Your Decisions

It’s also vital to utilize on marketing data to help shape campaign decisions. This will help you build more successful marketing campaigns and deliver better value in your campaigns. In fact, according to new research, nearly 40% of the average company’s marketing budget is wasted. This is largely because marketing decisions are not being made with quality campaign analytics.

End-to-end campaign data will provide specific insight into your customers’ advertising needs. As you leverage big data, you can easily learn:

  • How a current marketing approach is working including areas of failure and areas of success
  • How consumers are reacting to different marketing campaigns and content
  • What consumers do and do not like
  • How to increase performance of marketing and sales
  • The pain points of your prospects and clients
  • How to personalize user experiences
  • And more

Use an automated reporting platform to show clients the results of marketing decisions backed by data.

4. Show off your Digital Fluency

While it’s important to show proficiency in print, television, radio, and social media, it’s also necessary to show that your agency will help your clients thrive in the digital world. In fact, with the influx of internet and mobile device usage, digital media is taking over the marketing world. It’s interesting to note that 87% of Americans have a computer, and  64% of American adults have a smartphone, and these numbers will continue to grow as our society becomes more reliant on technology.

While many American consumers are entering the digital world to shop, consume content, and engage with brands, only 34% of agencies report they implement digital marketing strategies.

As you offer robust digital marketing services to clients, and show how digital marketing can increase sales, you will certainly stand out from other marketing agencies.

5. Offer Value and Transparency

The last way to truly make your marketing agency stand out is to be upfront and honest in all of your business dealings. Good service is often rated by how well a company delivered and the business value of the results.

Remember, the relationship with your customers covers more than hard work, deliverables, and transparency.

Own Your Category, Deliver Results & Build Lasting Relationships

As you are looking to build your own marketing strategy to stand out in the crowd, remember the five points listed above. When you focus on the needs of your clients, remain focused and flexible, connect your big data together, use analytics to make decisions, offer digital fluency, and provide transparency. Your agency will stand out from the crowd. Come try a demo to see how agency analytics can transform your business.