4 Ways Marketing Agencies Can Save Time Making Marketing Reports

You’ve heard the old adage “time is money.” If you work at a marketing agency, however, you know that it’s much more than that. Time is a rare commodity that, when both maximized and managed correctly, helps you nurture your clients, accomplish your goals, and keep your company thriving in a highly competitive industry.

This article will present 4 simple ways your marketing agency can save time.

Set Goals and Measure Efficiently

One sure fire way to waste time is by ignoring the goal setting process with your clients. If you want to use time wisely, you first need to know what it is that you are striving to accomplish.

Before you start marketing and advertising, sit down with your clients and set some goals. You’ve heard the term SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) goals a million times before, but it really is an exceptional standard for goal setting, especially in the marketing industry. Why? This formula ensures that any goal you make will be realistic, definable, measurable, and attainable within a specific time-frame.

Remember that setting goals is only half the time-saving battle. To really get the most out of your day, you need a way to accurately and quickly measure your goals. You can measure your goals with a combination of top analytics programs like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Buffer, etc.

The tools you use to measure your metrics will depend on the type of marketing goals you are setting, but these analytics programs will work wonders in helping you determine if you are attaining your goals as well as give you insights into how you need to adjust your campaigns in order to reach your goals.

Marketing Dashboard

Another way to save time is to combine your analytics tools into one convenient location. We just talked about how important it is to use different analytics programs to measure your marketing goals, but what we didn’t talk about is how long it can take to view and review all these different metrics within each and every different program. There are too many tools necessary for you to have to juggle them all independently.

Enter marketing dashboards to help save the day (or at least a huge part of your day).

With the help of a marketing dashboard, rather than logging into each of your analytics accounts separately, you can integrate all of your dashboards into one organized location–your marketing dashboard. All you have to do to get the information you need is integrate all the different analytics programs you use into your marketing dashboard just one time. Then, every time you login to your marketing dashboard after that, you will be able to see all of your metrics from all of your different analytics accounts. With marketing dashboards, gone are the days of logging into each of your analytics accounts separately and manually putting reports together.

As an additional way to save time, you can organize your marketing dashboards according to your goals. For example, let’s say you are focusing on an email marketing campaign and a social media campaign. Rather than having all of your metrics for email marketing and social media on one single dashboard, you can create two separate dashboards for each type of these marketing campaigns. This way, you can quickly get insights about how each of your campaigns is performing.

Marketers need to keep their eyes on hundreds of metrics, but without the help of an organized marketing dashboard, this simple task could literally take all day.

Automate Making Marketing Reports

Did you know that the average marketer spends approximately 16 hours a week on routine tasks? That’s nearly ⅓ of your work week you spend manually doing things that you could automate.

Just imagine what you could accomplish each week with 16 more hours?

With a marketing dashboard, not only can you integrate all your analytics programs, but you can also set up automated reporting to send notable and necessary information to yourself, your clients, your team, and your boss.

If you spend countless hours a week compiling reports, you already know exactly what information you need to include in your report. When you set up an automated report, you tell the marketing dashboard software just one time what information it needs to include, who to send the information to, and when to send it. Then, the software will continue to deliver these reports for you and you don’t have to ever worry or even think about it again.

An added bonus report automation eliminates human error, which also saves time. You’ll never have to worry about including the wrong set of numbers again or finally getting home after a long week only to realize you forgot to hand in the report your boss needs Monday morning. Automation just makes sense if you are looking to save time.

Schedule your Tasks

The final way to save time we’ll talk about in this article is to use a software to schedule your tasks. Every marketing agency is a big machine with several integral parts working separately that have to come together in order to get the desired results.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for a marketing sales agent to land a sale, send the sales information to a fulfillment manager, and then for the fulfillment manager to divvy out tasks to their social media specialists, content writers, search engine marketing team, and more. Additionally, account managers will then need monitor progress and make further decisions based on how each campaign is performing. These are just some of the people involved in the sales and marketing processes of your agency.

To make sure this process moves quickly and smoothly, you need to invest in a software that helps you schedule your workflows. When looking for a workflow scheduler, make sure to find a software that:

  • Delivers work into the hands of the right person at the right time
  • Sends alerts and notifications of work received, finished, and passed to another agent
  • Automatically routes tasks

When you have a software to help you manage your workflows, you ensure that you are offering speedy and accurate delivery.


At your marketing agency, you have too much going on to waste time. If you are looking to streamline your processes, make sure to invest in best practices, tools, and resources that will help you save time and improve your business.