Tribute to Jimmy Buffet

3 Marketing Lessons We Learned from "Margaritaville"

TapClicks pays tribute to Jimmy Buffett with a look back at the world of 'Margaritaville'. We find surprising similarities in what we do everyday as marketers and what the legendary singer exemplified.

mission attribution

Mission Attribution: Unraveling the Marketing Puzzle

Crack the attribution code with TapClicks and determine the true value of each touchpoint driving conversions.

ga4 field mapping

Universal Analytics to GA4 Field Mapping

Your shortlist for the GA4 field names that haven't changed to help jumpstart your reporting.

solving attribution challenges

Marketing Reporting: Making the Most of Your Data

Turn raw marketing data into an action plan with customizable reports and more.

Attribution and why it doesn't always work.

Top 5 Reasons Why Attribution Doesn't Always Work

Attribution doesn't always work. Minimize issues by incorporating these three solutions.

Understanding Attribution

Top 10 Things to Consider About Attribution

Understanding attribution is crucial for businesses seeking to optimize their marketing strategies.

Marketing Dashboards: A Visual Tool for Data-Driven Decision Making

Quick access to marketing data can help teams make informed decisions in today's fast-paced business environment.

Marketing Analytics: Understanding Your Data to Drive Results

Marketing analytics is the key to driving results. We'll explore the top 3 reasons you should be using Marketing Analytics if you're not already.

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