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2 Ways to Report Blogging Success

Report Blogging success

Blogging should be a means to a profitable business end. It’s too hard to keep a blog going to write just for its own sake. Smart marketing teams use a business blog to attract traffic and send it down a funnel, rather than maintaining a blog as a place to muse on the state of the industry. When you stop…

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KPI Roundup: Your Most Important Adwords KPIs

Most Important Adwords KPI

Adwords and other PPC campaigns are essential, but how do you know which data will tell a meaningful story to clients? Your client reports can quickly expand to several pages and include a lot of information that confuses clients if you’re not careful. Also Read: 7 Awesome Digital Marketing Insights from MozCon Client reporting best practices state that you should…

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Let The Machines Win: Scale Client Reporting with Automation

automate reporting

We’re all productivity-obsessed these days, it’s the reason Tim Ferris’s book The 4-Hour Work Week spent 4 years on the New York Times Bestseller list and why Wordstream’s 20-minute work week clinches PPC management subscriptions. We want to do more things faster and better than ever before. Artificial Intelligence promises to help our obsession with productivity by expanding to all…

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Press Releases

New Partnership with SEMrush Gives TapClicks Customers Faster, Greater Competitive Insight

TapClicks and SEMrush pair up

The new Instant On connection gives marketers access to SEMrush’s competitive domain data inside TapClicks dashboards. San Jose, November 9, 2017– TapClicks, the world-class marketing dashboard reporting company recently named #1 fastest growing company in Silicon Valley based on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list, announced today a new data integration with SEO and search engine marketing data company SEMrush. The…

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TapClicks Doubles Down on Industry Leading Growth by Hiring New VP of Marketing and Customer Experience

Gary Malhotra VP Marketing and Customer Experience

TapClicks, a world-class marketing dashboard and reporting company, announced today that it has hired a new VP of Marketing and Customer Experience to further accelerate its industry-leading revenue growth and market penetration. Gary Malhotra, recently of Ivalua,  brings over 20 years marketing and sales experience to TapClicks, which was recently named the #1 Fastest Growing Company in Silicon Valley. Malhotra’s…

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TapClicks Claims #1 Spot as The Fastest Growing Company in Silicon Valley

The post The Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley follows TapClicks inclusion on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. San Jose, September 22, 2017– TapClicks, the world class marketing dashboard and reporting company, was listed at the #1 spot on’s list of Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley that You’ve Never Heard Of. TapClicks was listed at #225…

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