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5 Goal Setting Steps for Better Client Outcomes

set goals for client success

A healthy agency-client relationship requires trust, communication, and mutual understanding of expected outcomes and timelines. The best way to ensure that everyone’s on the same page is by setting specific and measurable campaign goals early. Also Read: 8 Steps for Marketing Agencies to Manage Client Expectations By early, I don’t mean “shortly after the campaign starts.” I also don’t mean…

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Calculate True Brand Awareness

true brand awareness

Any marketing or sales funnel will include brand awareness somewhere at the beginning stage of the customer journey, whether it’s the top of the funnel (TOFU) or the beginning of the pipeline. Brand awareness is such a foundational marketing tactic that not very many teams actually spend a lot of their energy and creative capital trying to build it. Also…

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Hidden Figures: Combining Marketing Metrics for Deeper Data Analysis

calculate marketing metrics

There are thousands of metrics out there that you can use to measure the success of your campaigns, but so much of what platforms report are vanity metrics that don’t provide real analysis into how your marketing efforts affect your bottom line. Those individual, platform-provided metrics don’t always show the whole story or give you exact numbers that clearly communicate…

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Press Releases

New Partnership with SEMrush Gives TapClicks Customers Faster, Greater Competitive Insight

TapClicks and SEMrush pair up

The new Instant On connection gives marketers access to SEMrush’s competitive domain data inside TapClicks dashboards. San Jose, November 9, 2017– TapClicks, the world-class marketing dashboard reporting company recently named #1 fastest growing company in Silicon Valley based on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list, announced today a new data integration with SEO and search engine marketing data company SEMrush. The…

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TapClicks Doubles Down on Industry Leading Growth by Hiring New VP of Marketing and Customer Experience

Gary Malhotra VP Marketing and Customer Experience

TapClicks, a world-class marketing dashboard and reporting company, announced today that it has hired a new VP of Marketing and Customer Experience to further accelerate its industry-leading revenue growth and market penetration. Gary Malhotra, recently of Ivalua,  brings over 20 years marketing and sales experience to TapClicks, which was recently named the #1 Fastest Growing Company in Silicon Valley. Malhotra’s…

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TapClicks Claims #1 Spot as The Fastest Growing Company in Silicon Valley

The post The Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley follows TapClicks inclusion on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. San Jose, September 22, 2017– TapClicks, the world class marketing dashboard and reporting company, was listed at the #1 spot on’s list of Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley that You’ve Never Heard Of. TapClicks was listed at #225…

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