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Demonstrate Google Ads results with the new and custom Google Analytics Dashboard

There’s no denying that Google Analytics is an industry must for marketers and advertisers. It’s a powerful tool for tracking campaigns in-depth. However, when you give a client a Google Analytics login and expect them to understand results, it’s overwhelming…at best.

That’s why TapClicks has created the Google Analytics Dashboard template. This dashboard automatically pulls in only the metrics your clients care about, making results easier to consume. The Google Analytics Dashboard template shows the following metrics:

  • Over all performance on key metrics
  • Audience report with source of traffic
  • Top 5 keywords generating traffic on website
  • Top 5 goal conversions pages/buttons
  • Goal conversion by device type
  • Geography generating maximum traffic
  • Low performing pages on the website with high bounce rate


You are going to love the new Google Analytics Dashboard template from TapClicks. Check it out today!

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