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Track Bing Ads performance with the new custom Google Adwords Dashboard

Bing Ads can work hand-in-hand with Google Adwords to generate traffic to your clients’ websites. But, sometimes it can be difficult to really show your clients top performance KPIs in a way that makes sense. This is why we’ve built a Bing Ads Dashboard, custom tailored to your needs.

With this new dashboard, you can show your clients exactly how you are spending their Bing Ads budgets and what results you are seeing from your efforts. This dashboard template includes the following metrics, and more:

  • Top performing keywords
  • Number of clicks and impression received
  • Campaign performance review on key metrics like CTR, clicks & impressions


You no longer have to sort through the many Bing Ads KPIs to find the right ones to show your clients. This dashboard has already done the hard work for you. Book a demo today!

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