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Use the new Avanser Dashboard from TapClicks to track any marketing channel to see which campaigns are driving phone calls

The goal of many digital marketing strategies is to motivate customers to call your clients and convert. When you accomplish this, it means your marketing tactics are driving real world results. However, getting customers to call is only part of your success as an agency. The other part is showing your clients how you’re making it happen. That’s when repeat business happens.

That’s why we’ve created a custom dashboard template just for Avanser. The Avanser Dashboard automatically tracks the following metrics:

  • Number of calls
  • Average call duration
  • Daily call performance
  • Unique callers
  • Call duration for each caller
  • Call by status
  • And more!


By showing your clients the right call tracking metrics, you’re well on your way to growing your business properly. We can’t wait for you to check out this new dashboard.

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