Arrivalist for TapClicks


About Arrivalist

Arrivalist's patent-pending location analytics platform provides new insights into the way owned, paid and earned media exposures impact visitation from users who’ve been exposed to its clients’ media.

How to Connect to TapClicks

Connecting Arrivalist with the TapClicks Smart Connector is a straightforward process.

Read the Connection Guide

Let's Get Started

  1. Simply select Arrivalist from the TapClicks "Manage services" dashboard under the section "Connection Templates".
  2. Following the on screen guide, upload the sample file, map the fields, schedule file delivery and hit “Save”. If any issues, consider again following this Connection Guide or watching this video.
  3. Arrivalist will now appear as a "Custom Created Connections” service in your manage services. Navigate to it and click.
  4. Select a specific Arrivalist account and a client or end user with which to associate the account, and click “update”.
That’s it! Your tool is now connected and your data will flow into your dashboard! :)
Step A
Arrivalist marketing dashboard setup
Step B
Arrivalist key metrics connection
Step C
Arrivalist dashboard connection
Step D
marketing dashboard client connection
Arrivalist marketing dashboard setup
Arrivalist key metrics connection
Arrivalist dashboard connection
marketing dashboard client connection

Metrics Offered

  • Dashboard / Top Metrics
  • Client
  • Date
  • Total Calls
  • Web Requests
  • Newsletters
  • After Hrs Message Requests
  • Magazine Leads Recieved
  • Total Requests
  • Sessions
  • Page Views
  • Pages Per Session
  • Avg Session Duration
  • Facebook Total Reach
  • Twitter Impressions
  • Miles E-Newsletters Open
  • Miles Ebbook Visits
  • Travel Guide Distributed
  • Individual Brochures
  • International Requests
  • Bulk Travel Guides
  • Bulk Brochures Distributed
  • Total Visitors
  • Signed Register
  • Reservations
  • Email Adresses
  • International