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Data Visualization Types: Everything a Marketer Needs to Know

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Nailing it in the marketing and advertising department involves sorting through batches of data to glean insights. Without data, it’s impossible to know how your campaigns are performing, where your website visitors are coming from, why customers are (or aren’t) converting, etc. In short, data are the key to helping you make smart marketing and advertising decisions that lead to…

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How to Improve Client Relations and Internal Communication

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You hear it over and over in leadership trainings; successful teams, agencies, and media companies are built on the foundation of solid communication. If you’re looking to improve efficiencies, then work smarter and eliminate communication gaps with your team and your clients.  This article will present some of the key communication challenges within various departments at your agency or media…

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Salesforce + Datorama, a Deeper Look at the Capabilities of the Key Players in this Market

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Several weeks ago, Salesforce placed a big bet on Datorama, a data analytics platform that now has many eyes focused on the technology and capabilities gained through the acquisition. At a rumored $800 million USD price tag, the deal raises a number of questions. Why now? Who else competes in this space? What defines these players? How are key players…

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